Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Poem #10 - Circular Structure

Welcome to my 2018 National Poetry Month Project! I love projects!
It is wonderful to find so many folks are joining in at blogs and elsewhere. 
All are welcome!

This year at The Poem Farm, I will be writing a new poem every day about the constellation Orion.  Every day I will highlight a new poetic technique, a technique used by poets and by writers of other genres as well. After all, the techniques of poets are the techniques of all writers. I will be using my Fall 2017 Heinemann book, POEMS ARE TEACHERS, to lead me as I write all April long.

My hope is that some readers might also choose to dive deeply into writing about 1 Subject 30 Ways, to stick with one subject for a few days or for a whole month, approaching it from a variety of perspectives, in a multitude of structures, and with many playful word explorations.

Here is a list of this month's poems so far:

And now...today's technique.

Circular Poem Drafting
Photo by Amy LV

Students - A circular poem begins and ends the same way.  Some people call this "going out the same door you came in," and this is a good way to remember it.  Sometimes a circular poem - or other text - closes with the exact same words, and sometimes it closes with words that are much like the beginning. At times, you will notice a change in the meaning of the repeated words at beginning and end.  At times, you will not notice this. I love ending poems by going back to the beginning, so much so that I must keep myself from doing this every day!

In my book POEMS ARE TEACHERS, I highlight circular structure with a poem by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. The title of her poem (page 190) is "Cabin of One Hundred Lights."   The two student poet mentors (page 193) are Madelyn with "No Rules for Art" and Leia Z. with "Sound."  Thank you to these poets, and thank you to the teachers of the student poets in this book!

Remember, you can connect with all kinds of poetry goodness happening throughout April 2018 at my introductory National Poetry Month post HERE.

See you tomorrow...with writing from a feeling or belief!

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  1. Wonderful to imagine and love that Orion would get that turkey sandwich!

  2. I love stories and poems that end where they began - but have tons of cool adventure in between. What fun!

  3. "going out the same door you came in,"

    I need to share this with my writers!!

  4. Thought this was a great one to share with the kids. Teaches being kind to new kids. I tried my hand at a circular poem too.

  5. Love that Orion is getting a chance to be a "new kid" through your poems this month. This is a structure that I must try soon. Light-up sneakers! I saw Spider-man light-up sneakers yesterday at story hour.