Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Poem #11 - Writing from a Belief

Welcome to my 2018 National Poetry Month Project! I love projects!
It is wonderful to find so many folks are joining in at blogs and elsewhere. 
All are welcome!

This year at The Poem Farm, I will be writing a new poem every day about the constellation Orion.  Every day I will highlight a new poetic technique, a technique used by poets and by writers of other genres as well. After all, the techniques of poets are the techniques of all writers. I will be using my Fall 2017 Heinemann book, POEMS ARE TEACHERS, to lead me as I write all April long.

My hope is that some readers might also choose to dive deeply into writing about 1 Subject 30 Ways, to stick with one subject for a few days or for a whole month, approaching it from a variety of perspectives, in a multitude of structures, and with many playful word explorations.

Here is a list of this month's poems so far:

And's technique.

Writing from a Belief Poem Drafting
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Today's poem does not place Orion at the center, but he does make an appearance.  When I decided to write from a belief today, I thought about some things I believe that are connected to the constellation Orion.  I believe that everyone should know Orion.  I also believe darkness is important, and we should preserve the darkness. This is what  I chose as the subject of today's poem. 

If you choose to write from a feeling or belief, think about ideas that matter deeply to you. What do you think is important? What do you wish to change in the world?  What do you think that everyone should do or understand?  What do you believe matters?  Write about this.

Somehow, as I drafted, today's poem followed the meter and form of the lovely song "May There Always Be Sunshine," with music composed by Arkady Ostrovsky and lyrics written by Lev Oshanin. It feels good to write a poem to a song meter because you can practice singing as you draft to see if your words fit the meter. SING THAT POEM! - my April 2015 National Poetry Month Project - was all about writing poems to the meters of songs.

In my book POEMS ARE TEACHERS, I highlight writing from a belief with a poem by Arnold Adoff. The title of his poem (page 14) is "o f  c o u r s e :."   The two student poet mentors (page 17) are Elea B. with "Animals" and Alvaro P. with "I Am Not Going to Stop Writing."  Thank you to these poets, and thank you to the teachers of the student poets in this book!

Remember, you can connect with all kinds of poetry goodness happening throughout April 2018 at my introductory National Poetry Month post HERE.

See you tomorrow...with a poem mirroring a cycle of time!


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  1. Amen.

    We need to embrace the figurative darkness and we need to protect our literal darkness from light pollution.

  2. Ditto what Mary Lee said. Darkness -- both literal and figurative -- can be such a scary thing at times. I only wish that I lived in a location with fewer lights, so I could literally see the world you are opening up to me daily with your poems more easily. Thank you, my friend. Today I share my belief about how important our young scientists are to our future.

  3. I love the prayerful tone of this poem and they way you subtly weave a belief into it w/ out the phrase "I believe." It reminds me of an Irish prayer.