Friday, April 12, 2019

Poem #12 - Wondering

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Welcome to my 2019 National Poetry Month Project

Each day of April, I will write and share a new (first person, free verse, fewer than 15 lines not including spacing) poem. Taken together, these will tell a story about John and Betsy, two characters I posted about on March 22.  This will be new for me, and I invite anyone who wishes to join me in writing a collection of 30 poems that tell a story.

Here is a list of this month's poems so far:

And's poem.

by Amy LV

Students - This month's poems will tell a story about John and Betsy, and all of the poems will have three things in common: each will be written in John's voice, each will be 15 lines or shorter (not including spacing), and each will be written in free verse. I find it helpful to set writing boundaries for myself, so I chose three to work with over the next 30 days.

Today's poem asks the question that many children have been asking me: Where is Betsy now? When I first thought about this project, I considered going back and forth between John's voice and the voice of the person who adopts Betsy.  But then I thought more.  And I realized that I wanted John to be the most important person in this story, so while we heard his parents' voices over the last two days, we are hearing them as John hears them.  This story is through his eyes.

I do like stories that go back and forth between points of view; in fact, I am reading such a novel now.  But this is a choice an author makes, and I am keeping things in John's family, at least for now.

This is a wonder poem.  Writers often write what they wonder about, or what characters wonder about.  In her beautiful book AWAKENING THE HEART, Georgia Heard writes about the Doors of Poetry, imaginary doors we walk through when we choose what to write about.  One of these is the Wonder Door. John walked through this one today, wondering where Betsy now sleeps and too, if she still loves him.  

Did you catch the line break movement in the first stanza?

Dog loving friends!  I happily just realized that Teacher and  Poet Carol Wilcox writing a "Dog Days" series this month over at her blog Carol's Corner.  I am going to read them all in May, but so happily I found her poem for today, and I am so happy to share the gift her poems with you.

Each Friday of National Poetry Month, Heinemann has generously offered to gift a copy of my book POEMS ARE TEACHERS to someone who has commented during the week.  This book includes over 150 poems by contemporary poets and students alike as well as over 50 poem explorations written by me. I will keep track of comments and will draw one name each Thursday evening, to be announced each Friday of the month. To be entered into these drawings, please do leave a way to contact you along with your comment.  And...Heinemann is offering 40% of all poetry professional books throughout April...thank you Heinemann!  Find today's winning name atop the post.

If you would like to learn more about other National Poetry Month projects happening throughout the Kidlitosphere, Jama has rounded up many NPM happenings over at Jama's Alphabet Soup.  Happy National Poetry Month 2019!

Thank you to Irene who is hosting today's Poetry Friday over at Live Your Poem with her joyful National Poetry Month Project of happy yellow poems! Please know that the Poetry Friday community shares poems and poemlove each week, and everyone is invited to visit, comment, and post.  And if you have a blog, we welcome you to link right in with us.

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  1. Another one that made me cry. These poems break my heart.

  2. Fur circle. Snore circle. Love! Don't we all want to tell John: yes, yes, she will always love you. I do think hearing Betsy's voice would be a lot of fun... what dog friends is she making at the shelter? What does she imagine is going on? How is she keeping her memory and love of John alive? What is she learning that she also want John to learn? Of course I am imagining The Best Shelter Ever and maybe even foster family for sweet Betsy! Thank you, dear Amy. xo

  3. Irene shared the words I loved, too, exactly showing what John has in his mind about his sweet dog. I am sad for him, but for Betsy, too, and hoping good things will come. Thanks, Amy, wondering about John and what he is thinking is good.

  4. The wondering in the poem is real but it is tough to read because my heart feels so sad for John.

  5. I'm just dropping in for the first time today, but now I want to go back and catch up on the rest of the story. I love fur circle/snore circle. It looks a lot like my dog curled up beside be right now--after she's scooted her bed out from the corner.

  6. Love how you used the placement of round and round and round to show Betsy's circling. I'm absolutely sure that Betsy still loves John and will love him forever.

  7. I am really hoping this is going to end happily!

  8. Sad. I'm wondering what Betsy is feeling? Is she missing John?

  9. Catching up with John's story today and looking back on some of the installments I've missed. You have such a gentle nurturing touch with your words, Amy. It's so effective, especially with a tough subject like this one.