Saturday, April 30, 2022

Final Pick a Proverb - Day 30


Happy Day 30 - final day - of National Poetry Month! Many congratulations to everyone who has been writing a poem each day of this month - about anything! It is an accomplishment to stay with something, and I am proud of you and happy for us all.

For National Poetry Month 2022, I have been sharing a daily poem inspired by a popular proverb. defines a proverb as "a short, popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses some commonplace truth or useful thought." A proverb might also be called a saying, an expression, a maxim, or an adage, and Merriam Webster notes that proverbs are "nuggets of wisdom" which often have popular opposites. Some of you may know the word Proverbs from the book of the Bible, but proverbs are not all from the bible - many come from daily life.

My suggestion has been that we write from proverbs in many ways:
  • Write a true story poem inspired by the proverb
  • Make up a story poem connected to the proverb
  • Write a poem agreeing with the proverb
  • Write a poem disagreeing with the proverb
  • Connect a fact or historical moment to the proverb
  • Take any one word or bit from the proverb and write from that
  • Anything else!

Each day of April, I shared a proverb, the meaning of the proverb, and a poem inspired by that proverb. I invite to you write from proverbs of your own choosing or to write proverb poems along with me. You can read some examples and learn a little more about this projects and my 2010-2020 poetry projects HERE. These poems will come down from the blog (for hopeful book publication) very soon.

Here is the PICK A PROVERB LIST that I wrote from throughout April 2022. As school districts block outside Google docs for student access, I welcome teachers to "Make a Copy" of this document and to share it with students from your school district accounts.

And now, today's poem, the last one!

Students - Today's proverb - All good things must come to an end - means just what it says. Nothing lasts forever, and it is important to appreciate what we have while we have it. As they say, "The only thing that doesn't change is change." 

I started today's poem by listing things that I have wanted to last forever, things I have enjoyed. Then I just followed my mind into this poem. This is a partial list poem, as you will notice the little list in stanza 2. If you're ever unsure about how to start a poem, you may wish to try beginning with a list. This often helps me.

I invite you to join me in writing about the above proverb using the suggestions listed above today's poem or in choosing your own proverb from the list linked above and in the sidebar here throughout April 2022. These poems will remain in place for a few more days, but then I will be taking them down.

If your class has been writing about proverbs with me this month, I would love to hear about it! It has been a wild ride, and tomorrow is the last day.

Thank you so much for joining me on this Pick a Proverb journey. It will be interesting to see if this study changes the way we speak and think. Stories and comparisons and metaphors stretch us, and I hope you have enjoyed traveling along this month-long path together.


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  1. I have so enjoyed your proverb poems this month! So many different creative approaches- lists and stories and conversations! I hope they will become a book! Thank you so much!