Friday, April 29, 2022

Pick a Proverb - Day 29

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Today my illustrator friend Emma Virj√°n and I are celebrating our new book, IF THIS BIRD HAD POCKETS: A POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY CELEBRATION, a book full of poems imagining the poems animals might carry on this day. If you'd like to learn the story behind the book, we share our unusual publishing route here at The Nerdy Book Club.

To celebrate, this week, Emma and I made a new art-and-poem pairing to continue the super time we had making our book. It is brand new, but it would fit right into the pages of IF THIS BIRD HAD POCKETS.

Our Latest Pairing
Click to Enlarge

The first page of our book tells a bit about Poem in Your Pocket Day. If it is a new holiday to you, here's that page:


I am wearing my new pocket jacket made especially for Poem in Your Pocket Day. I commissioned this jacket by a friend, and it is COVERED with pockets, each embroidered with something from our new book.

Today I Have a Pocket Poem!
Jacket Pockets by Muna S.

And below you may read the poem I am carrying today.

Pocket Poem, Unfolded
Photo by Amy LV

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day to everyone...and remember, you can carry a poem any day, or every day. You can even make up your own Poem in Your Pocket Day date if today does not work for you.

And now, for the second-to-last poem in my Pick a Proverb project series.


Happy Poetry Friday and Happy Day 29 of National Poetry Month! 

Tomorrow is the final day of my Pick a Proverb Project. defines a proverb as "a short, popular saying, usually of unknown and ancient origin, that expresses some commonplace truth or useful thought." A proverb might also be called a saying, an expression, a maxim, or an adage, and Merriam Webster notes that proverbs are "nuggets of wisdom" which often have popular opposites. Some of you may know the word Proverbs from the book of the Bible, but proverbs are not all from the bible - many come from daily life.

My suggestion is that we write from proverbs in many ways:
  • Write a true story poem inspired by the proverb
  • Make up a story poem connected to the proverb
  • Write a poem agreeing with the proverb
  • Write a poem disagreeing with the proverb
  • Connect a fact or historical moment to the proverb
  • Take any one word or bit from the proverb and write from that
  • Anything else!

Each day of April, I will share a proverb, the meaning of the proverb, and a poem inspired by that proverb. I will also share the the proverb which will inspire the next day's poem. I invite to you write from proverbs of your own choosing or to write proverb poems along with me. You can read some examples and learn a little more about this projects and my 2010-2020 poetry projects HERE.

Here is the PICK A PROVERB LIST that I will write from throughout April 2022, and I will add to this as I discover more proverbs. As school districts block outside Google docs for student access, I welcome teachers to "Make a Copy" of this document and to share it with students from your school district accounts.

And now, today's poem!

Students - Today's proverb - The world is your oyster - illustrates the idea that a person can do anything, can make all kinds of choices about their life. Oysters occasionally have pearls in them, and so the pearl inside of the oyster symbolizes all of the richess of our choices. 

I chose to write a cinquain today. Cinq ("sank") means five in French, and a cinquain is a poem with five lines. Some people call this kind of poem a quintet. A cinquain has five lines, can follow a particular meter, and has a syllable count per line as below:


One book I like to use when thinking about forms of poetry this month is the one below.

Tomorrow, on the last day of National Poetry Month 2022, I will share a poem inspired by this proverb:

All good things must come to an end.

Jone is hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup over at Jone Rush MacCulloch with a poem that feels like a meditation, full of gorgeous repetition. Please know that all are welcome each Friday as folks share poems, poem books, poetry ideas, and friendship. 

Maybe see you tomorrow for the final day of Pick a Proverb, Day 30!


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  1. Oh, that last line of the cinquain is **chef's kiss**! Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day to you!!

  2. I like the new 'pairing' - yes, it's one to add to your book! It feels as if you have a new book to share with all these lovely words about proverbs, Amy. Choice is everything! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Thank you for sharing the new poem-in-a-pocket pairing by Brown Bear! I'm inspired to try this approach with some Kinders that I meet next month!

  4. Your jacket is so fun! I enjoy your playfulness, Amy xo

  5. The Wonders have had fun with your pocket poems this month, Amy. As always, your poems are teachers and inspire so many Wonders to wonder about the featured critters! Cheers, dear friend! xx Christie

  6. I love your jacket, Amy! (and of course your poems as well!)

  7. I have been lurking and checking in on your proverb project, but I didn't do as much as I had hoped to inspire my students to play along. I hope you will keep them up on your blog for future use.

  8. Hooray for Poem in Your Pocket Day! I sent a copy of 'If This Bird Had Pockets" to my secret-librarian-pal just for the occasion as I know her elementary school library is waiting for just this book. It's been so fun wandering through proverbs with you! I'm inspired.