Tuesday, April 30, 2024


 Happy National Poetry Month!

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Hello Poetry Friends! Welcome to ONE MORE OR LESS LINE CROW.

If you visited earlier this month, you may have noticed a change my National Poetry Month project title. For my National Poetry Month Project this year, I had originally planned to study crows and share a new crow poem each day of April with the number lines in each poem corresponding to the date. The plan was to write 1-line poem on April 1...and go all the way up to a 30-line poem on April 30. For a variety of personal and poetic reasons, I have changed the project. The poems have lengthened to 15 lines...and now they have decreased from 15 back down to 1, today...the final day. 

Thirty Crows, One Line
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Goodbye, Crow. I will miss you.

Thank you for joining me for ONE MORE OR LESS LINE CROW this month. I will keep these poems up for a bit...and then they are likely to disappear as I am considering submitting them as a book with embedded facts.

Please come back on Friday for a special treat. I will not be sharing a new poem of mine but am thrilled to share a collection of inspiring new poems written by the thoughtful fourth graders of Mrs. Borella's class at Seely Place School in the Edgemont School District, Scarsdale, NY.



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  1. What a great project this was! Ruth,

  2. Dear Amy, Thank you for sharing these poems with us! We are going to try and write poems for you and will send them to you when we are done. Your poems are really good! If you turn these poems into a book Mrs. Corbett will buy it for sure! Your books are a ten out of ten! What made you think about writing about crows? We will be joining you next April for more poems. When did you start writing poems? Thanks again for all the wonderful poems,
    From Mrs. Corbett's Class. (Ontario, Canada)

  3. Up from 1 to 15, then down from 15 back to one. We made it! Looking forward to Friday and the poems from 4th graders.
    Here’s the link to my recap of NPM and One More or Less Line (Robins):