Thursday, April 4, 2024


 Happy National Poetry Month!

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This month I am studying crows, sharing a new crow poem each day of April. The number of lines in each poem will correspond to the date, with a 1-line poem on April 1...and a 30-line poem on April 30. If you'd like to play along, simply choose a topic that you'd like to explore for 30 days. It might be a subject that you already know a lot about or perhaps you'll explore something new.

I invite you to join me in this project! 

To do so, simply:

1. Choose a subject that you would like to stick with for 30 days. You might choose something you know lots about...or like me, you might choose something you will read and learn about throughout April.

3. Write a new poem for each day of April 2024, corresponding the number of lines in your poem to the date. For example, the poem for April 1 will have 1 line. The poem for April 14 will have 14 lines. The poem for April 30 will have 30 lines. OR....invent your own idea! And if you start later in April, just play around however you wish.

4. Teachers and writers, if you wish to share any ONE MORE LINE... subjects or poems, please email them to me or tag me @amylvpoemfarm. I would love to see what your students write and to know that we are growing these lines...and our understandings of different subjects...together.

Four Crows, Four Lines
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Well, Crow has now grown from Hatchling (newly hatched) to Nestling (staying in the nest) to Fledgling (flying learner, out of the nest). Did you know that crows do not return to the nest once they leave? Even though fledgling crows cannot fly yet, they leave the nest to be safe from predators. Yes, there are predators on the ground, but a nest is a noisy attractor of raccoons and crow-nestling-eaters such as hawks and owls. So it's a risk...but one that is wroth it.

Today's four line poem does not rhyme. It is a short story poem, almost like a small movie showing the moment when the character of Crow Fledgling makes that first jump. Here are two poetry questions to talk about:
  • Can you find any repeated sounds?
  • Why do you think that I wrote line three in such short sentences?
And here is one science question:
  • From whom do you think Fledgling Crow will hide on the ground before he is able to fly?

Thank you for joining me for ONE LINE CROW...

To learn about more National Poetry Month projects and all kinds of April goodness, visit Jama Rattigan at Jama's Alphabet Soup where Jama has generously gathered this coming month's happenings. Happy National Poetry Month!



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