Welcome to Coaxing Poems! I recorded this series of poem-writing videos between January and March 2024. They are ad-free, friendly, and around 10 minutes each. Each video references corresponding poems which you can see at the original blog posts, linked to each title below. 

I have been teaching writing for over 25 years and blogging here at The Poem Farm since 2010. I invite you to visit me each Friday in this space and to check out my books for children and teachers as well.



Visit 1: We Are Libraries

This visit invites students to look inside of themselves for poetry - or any - writing ideas.

This visit encourages students to look outside of themselves for writing topics.

This visit models a few different ways that poetry leans on patterns...using Legos!

This visit focuses on the magic of metaphor and simile, turning one thing into another.

This visit explains how a poem can tell a story. We can turn our narrative pieces into poetry.

This visit stresses the importance of and gives tips for thinking about line breaks and white space.

This visit clarifies the differences between first, second, and third person point of view, with the help of Little Miss Muffet.

This visit shows a few ways to play with meter by counting syllables, listening for stresses, and singing.

This visit offers suggestions for writing poems with meaningful rhyme.

This visit welcomes writers into the world of collecting words and recommends rereading our writing at the word level, lifting our language one small bit at a time.

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