Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poem #24 & TV Turnoff #6 - All Day Long

Here is a picture of our our home just a few days ago.

The Poem Farm 
(Heart Rock Farm)
Photo by Amy LV

If you look closely at the lower left part of this photo, you will see a whitish blob on the cellar doors.  It is Firepaw, one of our many drop-off cats, sunning on the warm metal.  Here is a close up of this gorgeous beast, named by our eldest daughter after one of the cats in Erin Hunter's Warriors series.

Firepaw Sunning
Photo by Amy LV

Today's TV Turnoff poem is in honor of spending more time with pets.  Sitting at my desk this evening, I had begun to write about cooking.  As I looked out the window, my ("I hate cats") husband picked up Firepaw for a secret snuggle, and the poem instantly changed direction.

Are you frequently annoyed by televisions blasting in public places?  Places like your bank, the mall, and restaurant bars?  Well, those annoyances are over.  You, too, can have a TV-B- Gone, a handy contraption attached to our keychains and available to all.  It's a universal remote, and you can just flick off those televisions wherever you find them.  Here's a review at Thingamababy.

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  1. Our current cat is NOT a lap-sitter or a cuddler. I miss having a cat in my lap!! Maybe I could come over and borrow one of yours occasionally???

  2. I love this poem and would love to have a cat in my lap. Alas, our dog will not allow it.

    I think I would like to be a cat, lounging in the sun all day.

  3. Oh Mary Lee and Tricia!
    I wish I could have you both over for an afternoon of iced tea and cats-in-laps. We're up to four who cuddle and one mysterious orange guy who eats at midnight and disappears.

  4. And the picture of your house looks like it's out of a Forester novel... What a great place.