Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poem #27 & Commentary - Country Cats

This morning, my listener commentary, Country Cats, aired on our local NPR station, WBFO.   Here is a photo of our latest cat - Mini, a summer drop-off.  His story is in the commentary, but I thought it'd be good to write a poem about him too. 

Photo by Amy LV

We do have our share of well-loved drop-off cats at this point, so please do not bring more.  However, if you'd like to be on our list of homes-who-need-cats for future surprises, please let me know.

This week, Tricia's Poetry Stretch at The Miss Rumphius Effect is about eggs.  I've posted two poems about eggs at her blog, based on our family's experiences with chickens.  You can post an eggy-poem at The Miss Rumphius Effect too...Tricia's sister hates eggs!

National Poem in Your Pocket Day is this Thursday, so if you have not yet chosen a poem to put in your pocket to share on this day, you might want to start looking.  Here at poets.org, you can find many ways to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day.  One way to keep poems coming to your online mailbox pocket is to subscribe to Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac.

Now go find yourself a cat.

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  1. Hi!

    I love your post.What a wonderful poem! We adopted a stray kitten in December. We now have three fur children.

    I am so glad I discovered your words and your blog!

    Lori :)

  2. Amy,
    I loved your commentary on WBFO this morning, and Whitney was wowed! Keep up the great work.
    Bob H.

  3. Amy - I loved your line in the commentary - "He is a symbol for the world, a world that sometimes does show up on our porch and ask for help." What a great message. My students asked lots of questions about the "pirate cat" and had many of their own stories to tell. Great inspiration for more poetry!

  4. Lori, Susan, and Bob,

    Thank you...from me and Mini too. He's a good one for conversation and story, that's for sure. It means so much to hear what you think in this funny blog-world, and there's a new book I just heard about that connects to such animals too - OUR FARM: BY THE ANIMALS OF FARM SANCTUARY by Maya Gottfried. I can't wait to get it!