Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MyPoWriYe #35 - Dandelion Dot-to-Dot

The yellow polka dots are here, and with them the brightness of spring.  Yesterday's dandelions were almost blinding, singing out to be the subject of a poem.

Spring separates the dandelion cleavers from the dandelion leavers.  Last night at baseball, my husband kept popping dandelion flowers into his mouth.  Thinking him strange, I asked him to stop, but today I found a recipe for dandelion fritters at Learning Herbs.  

This afternoon, our children got off the school bus only to receive paper bags for "dandelion harvesting".  We made the fritters for dinner, and they were quite tasty (so tasty that I finished the cold ones at 10pm.)  We had dandelion cookies too, recipe courtesy of The Splendid Table, and our dandelion syrup from 5 Orange Potatoes is in the fridge cooling for step #2 tomorrow.  

Dandelion wine just may be next.  All free, free, free!  Now I, too, am a converted "dandelion leaver".  Eat your weeds!

Dandelion Designs
Photo by Amy LV

Dandelion Dinner
Blurry Photo by Amy LV

 Dandelion Dessert
Photo by Amy LV 

Please share in the comments if you have a favorite dandelion recipe.  It's that time of year!

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  1. Amy,
    I grew up in Chicago and when I was a girl we'd drive to the nearest forest preserve in spring to pick dandelion leaves to cook and eat. I never knew the flowers were edible, though.

  2. Carmela,
    The flowers are delicious! I am surprised and tickled by this weed-eating venture, and the syrup is so tasty.

  3. My grandmother used to cook with dandelions all of the time. This poem brought back those memories.

  4. I love your poems, Amy! This one, especially, has given me a new activity to do with dandelions! Thank you.

  5. The Dandelion is my favorite flower for so many reasons! Dot to dot? Wonderful!