Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MyPoWriYe #41 - Homework Spot

This week, Tricia's "Monday Poetry Stretch" over at The Miss Rumphius Effect asks us to write a poem about homework.  At first, all I could think of was the very funny "Homework, Oh Homework" by Jack Prelutsky.  Then I remembered doing homework when I was a girl, remembered my pretty white desk, and remembered how I never sat there to solve math problems or write reports.  These memories walked me right into "Homework Spot" below and also posted over at The Miss Rumphius Effect.

Students - if you are ever given a topic for a poem, it's a bit like being given free entry into a house.  You just have to figure out how to get in, which way makes most sense for you.  Lately our cat Firepaw has been sneaking into the basement through a window, and suddenly he's a house cat for a few minutes.  Firepaw has found his way into our house, just as we each need to find our way into the house of a poem.  Will we enter a poem through a main door or through a hole in the basement?  It's up to each of us, every time we sit to write.

Teachers - here is a beautiful Washington Post article about the power of one teacher's belief and enthusiasm. Thank you to Sara Lewis Holmes of Read Write Believe for pointing the way to this inspiring story for teachers and parents too.

It is Children's Book Week this week, from May 10-16; thank you to Aline at Paper Tigers for the heads-up and information.  If you'd like to find book celebration ideas, printable bookmarks, and dates for future Children's Book Weeks, check here.

To help you celebrate this week, read a wonderful book about...a book!  I highly recommend this one for Children's Book Week and always.  Thank you, Gayle Kerman, for sharing another whimsical title with me.  (How thankful I am to have a librarian as a friend.)

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  1. My homework spot was in the storage room downstairs -- I can still remember the cool feeling of the concrete floor as I wrote my spelling words 5 times each -- or my closet -- there it was warm and stuffy and soft.

  2. This reminds me of my son Corey, who always does his homework on the kitchen table even if the family is trying to sit down to eat dinner. I encourage him to go upstairs in his room at his well lit desk but he responds, "I like to be with my family." How can I argue with that comment!!

  3. Mary Lee and Shannon,
    I love hearing about these homework spots. Isn't it cool how we all live in our own houses across the town, country, and world...and so many things are the same? I used to hang out in my closet too!