Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MyPoWriYe #48 - Gum for Free

Yesterday I wrote about how ideas are inside all of us, how we just need to climb ladders to pick them.  'Strange thing is that you never know where those ladders will end up.  When my family read this verse, one child said, "That's gross!"  One said, "I love that poem!"  And one just rolled her eyes heavenward, shaking her head with pity. 

This week over at The Miss Rumphius Effect, Tricia's Monday Poetry Stretch invites us to write poems about colors.  You can read the offerings (and add one of your own) in the comments.  I wrote and sent a poem about the color brown.  

Why brown?  Well, once while driving down a highway, looking out at the fields, my husband told me how much he loves the color brown.  At first I was surprised, but ever since that day I have come to see beautiful browns in all of nature.  Especially this time of year, Western New York is full of old cornstalks and freshly-plowed fields.  Thank you, Mark, for opening my eyes yet again.

Speaking of gorgeous colors, this classic 1973 book by Arnold Adoff, the first children's book to celebrate an interracial family, takes joy in all human colors through one family's deep  love.

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