Sunday, May 30, 2010

MyPoWriYe #60 - My Horse and I

 Hope and Thunder
Photo by Eileen Thompson

This will be the third summer that our children and I spend two weeks at  Sprucelands English Horseback Riding Camp in Java Center, NY.  I help with crafts, work in the kitchen, and enjoy campers both day and night as they experience all kinds of old-fashioned fun under our wise director, Eileen Thompson.  Sprucelands has taught me to appreciate the bond between horse and rider, and each year I am reminded how a good summer camp will create lasting friendships within days.

This poem was fun to write as I liked bringing in the four elements and playing with the water/flame/earth/sky imagery.  After writing the last stanza, I rearranged the first four so that they would line up properly for the ending.

Students - it is exciting to write about becoming something else.  New worlds appear when we allow ourselves to appear new too.

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  1. I love your poem. I love it! And thanks for the recognition. Would love it if others would be interested in coming to camp too. We have such a good time. Love you, Eileen

  2. Dear Eileen,
    Thank YOU! Sprucelands has infiltrated our family life and love.