Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dirty Secret - Poem #77

Henry's All Star Socks
Photo by Amy LV

Athletes often develop superstitions centered on rituals around clothing, talk, and game habits.  Our baseball-playing Henry has not developed any of these superstitions yet, but sometimes his games fall close enough together that he has to pull socks out of the hamper!

Janet S. Wong, author of acclaimed children's books, has written a beautiful poetry book about superstitions, about everything from ears to potatoes.  In her book, Knock on Wood, Janet says, "Who knows why we believe what we do?  Maybe, in times of uncertainty, we like to have rituals to follow, to make us feel secure.  Maybe, in times like these, we should make up some new superstitions of our own."

Students - Do you or your family members or friends follow any superstitions?  If you might wish to write about them.

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  1. Amy, I love your blog! I have to come back when time isn't running out and enjoy every word.

  2. Great poem! It would make a great back-to-school writing prompt for me to get to know my new students and their "lucky charms." Thanks for the idea!