Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - #81 - Homemade

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, grandfathers, uncles, neighbors, men-who-step-up-to-the-plate, mothers who serve as both mom and dad, and all men who love the children of this world.

My own father would like to make a poetic offering for today as well.  He says, "Dads aren't fads."

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  1. This is so sweet, Amy! I love it.

  2. So great!

    Thanks for writing so many great poems and for sharing really fantastic ideas about writing poetry.

    I love the poems and the ideas and the book selections.

  3. Wonderful poem, Amy! I know my little ones are going to enjoy giving my husband their homemade cards today. Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers in your world, too!

  4. Dear Emily, Karen, and Shirley,

    Thank you so much! I hope that the fathers in your lives had a glorious day. We sure did.


  5. Obviously you have inherited your poetic talent from your father!