Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Day of School - MyPoWriYe #84

Here in New York State, many schools end their 2009-2010 year today.  This poem is for you - students, teachers, and parents too.

For me, a new school year always meant fresh new school supplies.  By June, those supplies were tattered and pretty-near used up.  But my mind was one year shinier and smarter, even though the paper was gone and my metal lunchbox was dented.

Students - this is a list poem.  It's almost a check-off list of what's happened to what during the year.  This is an interesting way to organize a poem, by a list.  Just choose a topic and think of lists you might make around that topic.!

Summer is here, but The Poem Farm will continue to grow.  Please know, students, that I welcome you to stop by during the summer.  And here's a fun reading project for you (and your teachers).  My daughter Georgia and I would like to recommend Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook, by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter.  Georgia's ten, and this is her favorite book about writing.  For two great reviews, read what Stacey has to say at Two Writing Teachers and Kate's words at Book Aunt.

You can visit the authors' blogs (chock full of ideas and tips) at Anne's Journal and Ellen's Journal.  These two authors even have a website for the book.  Check it out here.

Partway through reading Spilling Ink, Georgia stopped to write this poem.  She didn't revise a word, and I just typed it when she came to me with her spiral.  A poetry book review was born...

Who Would Write?

Who would write
Instead of read?
The writers have written for you.
They've got all the ideas.
They've got all the plots.
They have all the stuff
that I haven't got.

But why would I read?
Why couldn't I write
my own?
They don't have to write for me.
I've got ideas too.
I also have plots.
So why write?
Why not?

Georgia VanDerwater

Happy summer to you all!  If you're down under, a happy winter to you!  I hope that wherever you are, you keep visiting throughout the next few months.  I do so like having you here.

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  1. I love, love this poem. You captured this joyful, sad day so beautifully. And yes, today my first grader officially finishes.

  2. Congratulations! And...sniff. It is amazing, isn't it? I guess there's only one thing to do. GO OUT FOR ICE CREAM!
    Thank you for your note...

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  4. Love the poem Georgia!

    You mom must get her talent from you!

  5. Amy -
    Your poem is perfect! I can't wait to share it with my first graders tomorrow on their last day. It captures everything so simply.
    And Georgia.... WOW! I love your poem. It makes me think a lot about reading and writing. It makes me want to write something right now for everyone to read! It is great. I'm going to save it to inspire others that they can be authors, too.

  6. Karen,
    Thank you from Georgia! (And from her happy mom.) You'd really like that book.
    I will miss knowing that I'll get to visit with your students here sometimes during the summer. Please invite them to stop by on their own if they wish.
    It will mean so much to Georgia to know that HER first grade teacher loves her poem. She does, after all, love you. Happy news too is that the authors of SPILLING INK asked if they could post it on the book's website. I'll share that when it happens.
    Happy happy last day to your class and to you! Sad for them to say goodbye to you, but so lucky for them to have had the opportunity to be in your room for one year.

  7. Great poem by Georgia! I'm glad the book was inspiring.

  8. Thank you from Georgia to Toby and Stacey! I will check out that blog interview of Anne and Ellen...

  9. Amy,

    That's a great end-of-the-school-year poem for young children! it's also a fine list poem.

  10. Elaine,
    List poems are fun to write, don't you think? Sometimes I start out not planning to get all list-y, but then I do. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful trip and time this weekend.

  11. How did I miss this one?!?! It's PERFECT!!!

    (the school supply displays are already creeping into Staples and I'm sure will follow on July 5 in Target and all the other big stores...sigh...)

  12. I have needed a sweet poem Amy for the teachers & I will share this in my thankyous-so thank you! And tell Georgia she is so right, she gets to write too! The classrooms were cleaning out today, old supplies, etc. I always feel for the custodians this week, so much trash to carry out. Thanks again for the lovely words.

  13. Your poem is just right for the year's end. And Georgia is well on her way to following your footsteps.