Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My hic! Ninetieth hic! Poem - Hic! Why?

Our poor daughter Georgia...she inherited my childhood hiccups.  As a little girl, I'd get hiccups that seemed to last forever.  Frequently.  Not only did it drive me crazy, it drove my family crazy too.

Now, you are surely wondering who had the longest case of hiccups ever.  You're in the right place - it was Charles Osborne of Iowa whose hiccups lasted for 68 years.  He still holds the world's record.

Unlike me as a child, Georgia has discovered the "sugar cure" for her hiccups.  When the hiccups come (and they do), she asks for a "spoonful of sugar".  Here's Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) with the classic song, "A Spoonful of Sugar" along with lyrics. This song is even available as a cell phone ring tone...what would Mary Poppins have thought about that?

Here are some other hiccup remedies, but our Gigi swears by sugar.  Or maybe she just likes sugar.

Students - we all have our quirks.  Everyone has strange little habits or birthmarks or noises or scars or bodily functions gone crazy.  There's a lot of writing material buried in these quirks.  What's one of yours?  (If you don't know, ask your family.  They'll tell you!)

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  1. My children do swear by sugar...give it a try!

  2. I also used to Hic a lot as a child, very loudly apparently. I still have those days! I have learned to BURP in a certain way to get my diaphragm back is sync So my remedy ( as 'unladylike' as it is) is BURPING!!!

  3. Dang! SUGAR works?!?! I always got a spoon of VINEGAR for my childhood hiccups!!!