Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Poem from Your Summer Garden - #70

This week's Monday Poetry Stretch over at The Miss Rumphius Effect is to write about something hot.  I thought of peppers, perhaps because my hubby likes them hot and I, for one, do not.  For a long time, our freezer was home to this little Ziploc sandwich baggie of peppers, just to use for a pinch of heat.  As I don't like too much heat, they eventually got freezer burned and thrown away.

It makes me laugh to see children and adults testing themselves with "how hot can I go?"

Students - poem ideas can come to us from things we do by mistake.  I have certainly made the mistake of biting a hot pepper, and I've seen other people make this mistake too.  What mistakes have you made?  What mistakes have you seen others make?  Just go from there, funny or serious!

Now, on different note.  We found another kitten, and she needs a home.  You may remember the 'Country Cats' post some time back about our one-eyed cat, Mini.  I'd linked to a WBFO essay about how cats often end up here.  Well, it happened again.  Today as Hope and Gigi biked down the road, they heard very loud meowing.  It was a kitten.  In a tree.  20 feet up.  Dangling from a sapling.

Mark talked her down, and she slowly slid down that skinny trunk like a firefighter sliding down a fire pole.  Our neighbor had heard her yesterday from that same location but could not find her, so all of us think Ashley (she was dangling from an ash tree) was up there for over 24 hours.

Would you like a very friendly black and white kitten (about three months old) with a scar on her nose and a very loud purr?  I will post photos by the weekend if she does not find a home sooner.

(Please click on COMMENTS to share or to adopt Ashley.)


  1. I HATE being surprised by flavors I don't expect!

    Good luck finding Ashley a home. Thank you for being the kind of people who will do that sort of thing for a stray kitty!

  2. Ha! I still remember as a kid as a dinner theater buffet scooping out what I thought were mashed potatoes (the lighting was dim)--one of the few things on the buffet I would eat since I was a very picky eater--and taking a big bite. It was horseradish. Ick.

    Fun poem!

  3. Dear Toby, Mary Lee, and Laura,

    These stories of surprise foods are cracking me up. A spoonful of horseradish!

    Thank you for coming over this morning...'wish I could offer you a good-tasting snack.

    I will let you know about Ashley. She was very playful this morning and should sleep all day I hope. The children have been charged with finding her a home today at school!