Friday, June 25, 2010

Poetry Friday & MyPoWriYe #86 - Listening

This is number five in a Friday series of "Poems about Poems".

Teachers - if you are interested in exploring how poetry can help yu teach students about organization and structure in writing, I have an article up today at Two Writing Teachers about this very topic.  If you try anything from the article, please let me know as I am very interested in what you discover and think.

The June 2010 Carnival of Children's Literature is over at Lee Wind's  I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the H... do I read?  As Lee says, "A carnival is a collection of posts about children's books: book reviews, interviews, stories from parents and teachers about their adventures with books, peeks into the studios of children's books and illustrators and more."  Visiting the carnival will introduce to new blogs that interest you.

Today's Poetry Friday is hosted by Amy over at The Art of Irreverence.  Take a trip over there to see what is happening in the world of poetry blogs today.

Next week, Poetry Friday will be right here at The Poem Farm.  I'll get the iced tea ready.

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  1. Once again, you've given us a lovely poem about listening to the poetry that lives inside us and having the confidence to give breath and voice to it.

    I haven't had much formal poetry training (other than way back in high school) and enjoyed reading your post on structure over at Two Writing Teachers.

  2. I so love the advice of the old poem. Listening to what is inside us is key. Working on my goal o write a poem a day over summer break.

  3. Yes, Amy, your poem rings true. If we listen to what is inside of us we can collect never ending poetry fodder to reshape into suitable poems! They say that innerspace is the most unexplored space in the universe.

    Laura Evans

  4. Perfectly said, Laura. I just taped your comment to the wall above my desk.

  5. Toby, Jone, & Laura,
    Where did I read that "Our minds are mansions, but most of us spend all of our time in the lobby"? It just seems to be all about quieting down...