Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Hemispheres - MyPoWriYe Poem #94

Thank you to all who visited here for Poetry Friday.  It was festive and fun to host it for the first time.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the local swimming pool.  It's summer here, and our family is dressed in shorts and swimsuits.   On the other side of the world, though, it's winter and time for stocking caps and snowsuits.  Then, in a few months, when we don our snow boots and mittens, our friends across the Earth will be barefoot in sunglasses.  It's so funny and strange how the world spins 'round.  This is a poem for two voices.

Students - what fascinates you about other people in other places?  These fascinations are an endless pool of writing ideas.  Just leaf through books about different countries, and allow yourself to daydream about people, animals, languages...see if you can connect yourself and your life to anyone in your books.

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theresapalinprincipal said...

HaHa! your feed left me in suspense... as you wrote about the trip to the pool and that your family wore swim suits, but folks from other places.... the feed cut off so I could jump to your page.
I couldn't help but wonder if there were folks at the pool from another continent that took pool wear less seriously than we do.
But, thank goodness, the other folks are actually wearing snowsuits and mittens!!

Amy LV said...

Oh my gosh! That cracked me up! I am going to adjust the beginning of that a bit...hee hee!

Mary Lee said...

It fascinates me that there are places where "July" means cold and "December" means hot (the way they mean vice versa for us)!!!

Amy LV said...

Mary Lee,
It's wild how words take on whole new meanings depending on where you are and who you are with!