Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #112 - Jewels

Photo by Amy LV 

This is a poem for my friend Rachel in Oregon, the best rock hound and rock teacher ever!  Whenever I find neat rocks outdoors or go to a rock show, I think of her.   Rachel has been sharing a "poem-of-the-letter" with her cousin, including a poem in each letter she sends.  These come from her students, and some are even writing poetry this summer "to share with Miss S's cousin".  The power of publishing is strong indeed!

 Rachel's Rock Coffee Table
Photo by Rachel Sudul

When I was a young girl, I used to think about rocks a lot.  In fact, I wondered what they talked about when I wasn't sitting by the creek's edge, listening.  Rocks are full of stories, some which we can discover through study and some which will always remain mysteries.

Students - This poem is what Georgia Heard (author of AWAKENING THE HEART and many other fabulous books) might call an "observation poem", or poem where the poet looks at something closely and allows a poem to grow from this looking and noticing.  In a way, this is what scientists do too, look and study and wonder and admire.

Here are two rock books to love.  These are not poetry books full of all different poems, but each is a gorgeous poem-turned-book.  If you have a favorite rock book, would you please share its title in the comments?

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  1. Hello
    I just read your blog about country cats and Mini Monster and I had to comment because such beautiful thoughts of absolute kindness do not cross my desk very often.I have always believed that benevolence to animals is a true reflection of our spirits as individuals and your story has captured the feeling for any of us who have helped a small friend in need. I have a odd collection of cat friends, most suffering from one malady or another and many times I don't get to keep them in my life very long. But as it is with Mini, the gift they give me back cant be measured.
    The story touched me deeply and I thank you for brightening my day. It makes me happy to know that people like you exist in the world.

  2. Valentina,
    Thank you so much for all of your generous and thoughtful words today. They met my heart on a day they were needed!
    You will smile to know that yesterday we drove by a free doghouse with a sign, "TAKE ME...I DON'T WANT TO BURN" hooked on the roof. Of course we did, and my husband and children worked on it all day. Our dog knew! She sat inside as they pulled shingles from the roof, looking like a queen.
    All warm thoughts to you and your pets. And again, much gratitude!

  3. Amy,

    I'm a bit of a rockhound myself. I usually bring rocks home from the different places where I have vacationed.

    I think showing children how to be careful observers is one of the most important things we can teach them. Unfortunately, in this teach-to-the-test age in education, having kids stop and take time to look at things contemplate and reflect--are not usually encouraged. It's so sad--and it's the reason I left the classroom and became a school librarian.

    I love Byrd Baylor's books--including "Everybody Needs a Rock."

  4. Elaine,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I look forward to talking with you about this at the conference in October. So far I've taken one library class as I try to decide whether to go back to become a school librarian myself.
    We can be in the BB fan club together!

  5. Hi Amy,
    I was playing catch up with some of your poetry and I ran across this lovely entry. Since my kids were small, I always bring a rock home from everyplace we visit. Everybody Needs a Rock is a favorite for both me and my son, Ben. I gave him that book when he was about 10 after we spent an afternoon looking for just the right rocks.
    I love this blog and your work!

  6. Hi Deb!
    I love this idea of bringing back rocks from travels...I think we need to start doing that. Thank you for your compliment - I can't wait to work together again in this new way. Byrd Baylor is just incredible...