Monday, July 5, 2010

MyPoWriYe #96 - Hope

Sky Afire
Photo by Mark LV

Today is the day after July 4, but fireworks are still bursting in my mind.  Hence, another fireworks poem!  I hope that you had a glorious day of food, festivity, and freedom.

If you would like to read poetry that celebrates our independence, Becca Klaver has compiled a fantastic list over at the Poetry Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about fireflies than you could ever imagine possible, you can do so at

And if you are interested in a classic writing workshop book to help your students or your own children learn how to write focused narratives, you will enjoy FIREFLIES! by Julie Brinckloe.

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  1. Hi Amy !
    How do you do ? Did you have received the ripple card ?

    Nice day !


  2. Dear Cathy,
    Thank you so much for your note…and for the enchanting ripple card! Our whole family admires your work, and now I have to decide where to hang this sweet girl. She is so beautiful and delicate...and sad. (For anyone who did not see Cathy's lovely artwork, look here:

  3. Sweet, sweet firefly. Have hope. Believe.

  4. That note made my day, Mary Lee.

  5. Hi Amy !

    I'm very glad ;) Thank you for my work and i wish you happy holidays ;)