Sunday, August 8, 2010

MyPoWriYe #130 - Closet Elevator

This poem is based on a real game that I used to play in my bedroom long ago.  When I was between seven and twelve years old, I had my own closet with sliding doors.  I remember drawing a page of elevator buttons with magic markers to hang right inside.  Then, up and down I would go, arranging my room into different scenarios, lost in a world of make believe.

Students - Our imaginations grow only when we use them.  What do you like to pretend?  Allow your mind to stretch by just playing and making believe.  It's fun!  And who knows... someday you may decide to write or paint or compose music from a game you grew from your imagination.

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  1. I have a poem to text connection! Ramona!! Remember when her family was adding a bedroom onto their house so she a Beezus wouldn't have to share? She would get into the closet with the sliding doors and pretend it was an elevator in a department store! I have such a pocket in my heart for all things Ramona, I'm a little afraid to go see the movie, for fear of disappointment!

  2. Becky,
    I forgot about that! How funny! Now I am wondering what else Ramona and I have in common. Hmm...I feel like pulling tissues from a box, one-by-one, right now! Please let me know if you see the movie; I was wondering about that too.
    ps - "Pocket in my heart" is my new favorite phrase. I just learned it right now. Thank you!