Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MyPoWriYe #132 - Day Sleeper

Sleepy Small Raccoon
Photo by Amy LV

Students - Sometimes life brings on a strange event, and you know that you must write about it!  Yesterday, our dog Cali found a baby raccoon that had stayed out too late (early morning for us) and she chased it up a telephone pole.  Later in the afternoon, just as the raccoon began to come down...she chased it up a tree.  At 10:00pm last night, that poor raccoon tried to come down again, but my husband happened to be outside and it crawled right back up the tree.

Since we never know when unusual events will happen, it's always good to keep paper and pencil handy.  This is one of the wonderful things about having a writer's notebook.  You can put all kinds of little life-details into it so that you never forget small moments such as this.

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  1. Your poem is delightful to accompany this perfect picture. We have raccoons at our house, too, and they stay in our giant Sequoia tree during the day. Last summer a mother raccoon came for food in the late afternoon sun when I was feeding stray cats. She must have been very hungry. They usually don't come out until night, and you are right that their "stripes fade into velvet air" (that is simply beautiful)!

  2. Amy--beautiful poem. Thanks for the work that you did with us today. I really felt as though I wanted to run to my classroom and get to work! Too bad there are no kids there! Maybe I will work on sharpening my writer chops for now and get ready for them!I love "dangle-doze". I may put that in my word jar! :)

    As promised, here is my newly minted blog....:)


  3. Thank you, Lydia. What a wonderful story. (It sounds like a picture book!) I appreciate your generous words. I wanted to hug that raccoon, must admit.
    Lori - yes, you should do that. It's the very best thing you can do as a writing teacher.
    I continue to play with this poem...it's fun to revise right on a blog! Looking forward to more of yours...