Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MyPoWriYe # 140 - each time i fly

each time i fly

above the earth

i sit and stare

each farm

each field

becomes a square

my country is

a board game now

i can't see



or cow

just lines of city

drawn in place



traced in space

rivers of water

strips of sand



on the land

the world looks


from way up high

i feel small too

each time i fly

(c) Amy LV

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Susan said...

Sometimes your poems just give me a chill - they are that good. This one just fits together like a perfect puzzle - and makes a strong connection to those of us who have ever looked outside an airplane window.

sea_reader_141 said...

I love the spaciousness and height of this poem. And I wonder...what if a bird in flight had the same sort of experience? Also, wouldn't it be cool to climb a high enough tree to see the world this way, sittin' out on a limb?

Amy LV said...

Thank you, Susan and Cecilia. I love looking out airplane windows. And it was such fun to see the children's delight in this too! We got to see the world by day and by night this week!

Charles Waters said...

I thought this poem is just wonderful! I love your writing.

Amy LV said...

Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to will be such a treat to meet you in Orlando! Are you considering attending the Kidlitosphere Conference in October? We're hopefully doing a Poetry Friday panel. You know, you should consider getting in on Poetry Fridays. It's a lot of fun!