Friday, August 6, 2010

Poetry Friday & #128 - What is a Poem?

Family is a Poem
Blueberries are a Poem
Life is a Poem
Photo by Amy LV

This is the eleventh poem in a Poetry Friday series of "poems about poems".  Today is my birthday (40!), and so today's poem is a present to me.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving me life...and thank you to my family and friends for making it beautiful.

Laura Shovan is hosting Poetry Friday today at Author Amok.  Give yourself a present of poetry by finding what the blogosphere has to offer your mind and heart and soul.

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Toby Speed said...

Thank you for sharing your birthday with us, Amy, and for the present of your poem. I love so many lines here -- "See a poem in a mouse. Watch a poem run" and "Feel one on a windy day. Hear a poem blow." Very evocative.

Wishing you a year of discovery, creativity, and joy.

Author Amok said...

Happy birthday, Amy! Thanks for this poem. I've been thinking about poems as gifts also -- stop by Jama's blog to find out why!

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday to You!! Your poems and writing tips are a daily source of joy. Thanks for sharing your gift!

jama said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! Another gem :).

Fave lines: "Smell a breakfast poem," "Poems can be chocolate!"

Susan said...

Dear Amy,
I love the poem! Hope you have a very, very happy birthday!

Mary Lee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! How kind of us to share your present with us! (and a wonderful one it is!!!)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! And thanks for giving all of us your wonderful poems to read every day! That's a true gift.

Amy LV said...

Thank you to my poet-friends for your birthday wishes today - Toby, Laura, Kristie, Jama, Susan, Mary Lee, Elaine - I feel like I had a little party here! Happy year ahead to all of's been a gift to get to know you.

Rose said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! YOU are truly a gift...and so is your poem! :)

Looking for the Write Words said...


Happy Birthday a day late, but full of wishes nonetheless. As many have said the writing that you share with us each day is such a gift. Hope you had a wonderful birthday with those you love!

Amy LV said...

Thank you, Theresa! It's been a gift to get to know you this year and to read your poems too. Isn't the internet amazing that way?