Monday, August 2, 2010

When I'm Here - MyPoWriYe #124

Georgia and Romeo
Photo by Director Eileen Thompson

Our family has been part of Sprucelands Horseback Riding Camp in Java Center, NY for three years now, and we adore our summer days there, learning and laughing with friends.  Each year, I am moved to see deep bonds form between campers and their horses.  Tacking up, in the ring, and on the trail, horses pay close attention to their riders, sensitive to mood and temperament.  Eileen and her riding instructors teach campers to listen and to show their horses gratitude and love.

In return, horses give right back.  Somehow, troubles from the outside world vanish when we care for an animal.  We lose ourselves, and worries drop away as we give and receive love.

Students - everyone has places that make us feel certain ways: safe, sad, complete, worried, scared, happy, connected.  If you're ever unsure of what to write, thinking about a place is a good way to begin.  Because I know that many people feel content with horses, I wanted my poem to feel like it could be about about any barn or field or wood.  This is why I did not name Sprucelands in my poem; I hope a reader will imagine his or her own horse place.  I think about this often: how can I make my poem specific and universal at the same time?

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  1. You are an angel. Thanks for being in my life.

  2. Hello! I am having a very hard time keeping your fab poems on my Yahoo page! The rss just dosappears... but still, I hunt you down to see what's doing on the farm. Isn't this a great poem for all kids who have that special place or hobby or sport...
    And yesterday's poem... I'm in the same old shorts I wear all the time in the summer and the same old shirt!

  3. Thank you Eileen & Mary Alice!
    We feel so lucky to have our children at a great camp. Mary are cracking me up!