Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #168 - My Other Life

A Reading Life
Photo by Mark LV

Many children dream of pets but are not able to have them because of allergies, living situations, or parent concerns and fears.  But through books we can all have pets, befriend wild animals, and learn to understand animal languages.  How lucky we are that these small lines and loops of language give us what we cannot have in our lives.

If you are a child who is serious about wanting a pet for yourself, this article at wikiHow may give you some good tips about persuading your parents that this is a good idea.

And teachers, if you're looking for an excellent book about teaching persuasive writing, a genre required by the new Common Core State Standards and life in general, I cannot recommend WRITING TO PERSUADE, by Karen Caine, highly enough.  It's full of mini lessons, model texts, and all kinds of advice about the genre of power.

Last night I wrote a different poem, and then I realized that it was not an animal poem!  Back-to-the-poem-board I went, and honestly I'm grateful it happened.  If it hadn't, this poem would still be floating around for someone else to find...

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  1. Books gave me a summer camp with a lake to swim and canoe in -- foreign territory for a girl growing up in the wide, flat, DRY plains of Eastern Colorado!

  2. I'm one of those kids who couldn't have a pet. My Dad and I are both allergic.

    A great pet/persuasion book is I Wanna Iguana! Very cute.


  3. I was horse crazy as a child and read EVERYTHING that was black beauty and black stallion related. THe next best thing to owning my own! Thanks for another great poem Amy LV!

  4. Mary Lee, Stacey, and Lori, Thank you for your comments. I just got my copy of A PIG PARADE IS A TERRIBLE IDEA by Michael Ian Black.

    Thank you to Franki over A READING YEAR for recommending this as funny and persuasive too!