Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MyPoWriYe #175 - Over and Under

Wearing or Baring?
by Amy LV

Well, this was simply a giggle to write.  I liked playing with the words 'over' and 'under' as well as the words 'everyone' and 'no one'.  If you had been here last night, you would have seen my fingers tapping away on the side of my desk.  

Students - It's interesting to switch back and forth between silly writing and serious writing.  Stretching in this way allows a writer to explore all different sides of his or her personality and brain and soul.  You might try that.  After you write one in one style or feeling for a while, switch to writing with a different style or feeling.  It's neat to find out what's going on in the dusty corners of one's own mind.

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