Sunday, September 26, 2010

MyPoWriYe #180 - Tea Party Time

Tea Party
Photo by Amy LV

There is something magical about stuffed animals and dolls, a realness that only children and some grown-ups can see. When I was in the upper elementary grades, my best friend Keisha would sleep over, and we'd snuggle all of my stuffed animals into the bottom of our zipped-together sleeping bags. We'd build small houses for them out of shoe boxes, and we'd take care of them with pretend toys and food.  When I was alone, I would play with my Ginny dolls for hours, admiring their tiny silver tea set and laying out their shiny perfume bottles on the small dresser.  Ginny even had an ice skating outfit, red with white fur trim.

Students - our pretending lives are as real as our real lives in so many ways.  What do you most love to pretend?  Thinking about the world of your imagination opens many doors to writing possibilities.  You might wish to make a list of all of your favorite pretend games, and see which one sparks a poem or a story.

This adorable picture book includes letter writing, a bear, and a surprising tea party.

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