Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Regret - My Poem Writing Year #160

Students - Have you ever wished that you'd said something after it feels too late to do so?  I have.  And sometimes I think of a perfect line right after the person I have been talking with walks away.  

This poem came from my own memories of friends complaining about square dancing.  I secretly liked square dancing, and I still do enjoy both square and line dancing. But in fifth grade, it was not considered "cool" at all.  This poem tells my inner feelings, and inner feelings are a great place to find secret dusty writing ideas.  Our minds and hearts are like attics and basements, full of old feelings we can mine for writing.

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  1. Hi Amy! I have made a personal goal this year not to let things fester but to confront them when they happen.....this poem fits that goal just right.

    BTW--I have always wanted to learn to line dance... :)

  2. Lori, That's a personal goal for me too! Don't you think that ballroom dancing would be a blast? A K teacher I adore takes belly dancing...that's another goal!

  3. Square dancing is the best! We square dance at Geneseo and are loud and proud about it! Now, that could be a poem...

  4. Hi Amy,

    How funny to read your poem shortly after reading a short story titled Tripping over the Lunch Lady by Angela Johnson. This story is told by a clumsy 5th grader who discovers square dancing and thinks it may be just what her school needs, but not everyone agrees with her. Cute poem. I think many people like square dancing more than they will admit.

    Tomorrow, I will begin sharing your fabulous poems and writing wisdom with my students via our new Smart Board.

  5. Lizzy, Oh, that just makes me smile. Of COURSE you do, you writing minor, you! A.
    Theresa, I have seen that story, but now I really want to read it. Thank you for your words (such kind and "write words"). I hope you and your students will consider sharing something on a Poetry Friday here as well as at your great blog. Happy Friday!