Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just Write - My Poem Writing Year #208

Students - writers often have many small writing preferences, things that don't matter in the end, but which may help us individually as we go.  Where we write.  What we write with.  What time we write.  These things may stay the same or change, and many writers find it helpful to keep some such rituals the same, keep a focus on the day's work.  What matters is not these things.  What matters is that we write, setting our words free into the wide world.

Teachers - as a writing teacher, I am always seeking out the wise words of other writing teachers.  Jane Yolen, in her book TAKE JOY, teaches us to keep our BIC (butt in chair).  She was the inspiration for "Plant your rear" in today's poem.  You can read more of Jane's sage writing advice at her website

This book, about finding one's own story, is a great read aloud.

So begin today.  Just get started.  You'll find an idea as you go.

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  1. Oh boy, this is gonna work great in the classroom! I can't wait to share it with the kids! Thank you for another amazing poem!

  2. One of my favorite writing books--gotta love that BIC time. Great poem!

  3. Hey, Michele and Kristie...Please let me know how it works in the classroom! Recently, a very wise second grade teacher I know told his students, "Sometimes thinking can be your enemy. Don't think. Just get started writing first. The ideas will come."

  4. Amy,
    I knew this poem would be great for starting our new unit in Writer's Workshop today. I just underestimated how much my kids would LOVE the line - plant your rear. I heard some of them saying it to each other on the way out to the buses. Thank you for providing an opportunity for me to laugh with my students while getting motivated to write.
    Bill M

  5. Bill, Your comment completely cracked me up. What is it about bottoms that makes children die laughing?! I honestly didn't even think about that when I wrote it...just wanted to paraphrase Jane Y.! How funny...thanks for telling me. A. ps - Your child will love bathroom humor one day!

  6. This one.
    For the wall of my classroom.
    Our new mantra.
    (hmm...idea hatching here...maybe we'll recite it at the beginning of every writing the end of the year, it will be written -- WRITTEN -- on their hearts!!!)

  7. Thanks for the great poem, and for mentioning THE BEST STORY. I'll be checking that out from my local library as soon as possible.