Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Poem Writing Year #200 & Wyoming

Wyoming Books
Photo by Amy LV

Students - sometimes a writing idea comes from watching someone you love, observing as that person experiences an new action or a feeling.  Over this past week, our ten-year-old daughter, Georgia, has been gathering information for her state report, and it has been such fun to about her new favorite state, Wyoming.  Various Wyoming facts pour forth as we drive to violin lessons, and they pop out at the dinner table too.  Georgia has determined, "One day I will live in Wyoming", and I can understand why.  Learning about something new lights a fire of love.

If you have been reading for many of the last 200 days of poems here, you know that I love writing in strict meter and rhyme - it's a game to me.  Free verse continues to be a challenge, something I wish to strengthen in my writing.  

With this in mind, I spent a week writing free verse poems in mid-July.  The poem "Knowing" kicked off Free Verse Week I back on July 10.  Today, to celebrate 200 days of poems, I announce Free Verse Week II which will run through next Poetry Friday, October 22.  Please share in the comments if you have favorite collections of free verse poetry or ideas for sharing free verse with children.

Thank you to you all for your kind notes and support over these past 200 days and nights.  I think about you all as the clock strikes midnight, 1:00am, and sometimes 2:00am.

Don't forget...The National Day on Writing is this Wednesday, October 20!  What will you do?

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  1. HUZZAH FOR 200!!!

    I am SOOooo in awe of you for keeping this project going! You are the embodiment of WOW!

    And to get to peek over your shoulder while you spin out (seemingly) effortless rhyming poems AND while you (hardly seems like a) struggle with free verse is such a treat.

    Plus, it's not just a POEM a day. It's pithy commentary, too. Today's gem: "Learning about something new lights a fire of love."

    Rock on, Dear Poetess! Rock on.

  2. From robloxian1 -

    "OMG 200!!!
    Eagle, eagle, in the sky
    came right down
    and pecked my eye,
    I chased it around,
    it pecked me again.
    Thanks Miss Miner and the class.
    James is my name."

    This comment has been edited for punctuation and removal of the author's last name.

  3. my eagle poem took me a week to make but,thanks.hope its on tomarrows poem thanks if it is

  4. James, Thank you for your note back. I wrote you a note and gave it to your teacher. I hope she will give it to you on Monday. The letter explains how I publish student work here. Happy weekend! Yours, Amy

  5. thank my y is broken on m

  6. I love hearing when children study the states. I recall making the flour & salt & water mixture to make a state on cardboard and then paint it once it dried. For me, Montana was the place I wanted to live when I grew up. Separately, Amy, I would like to join MaryLee in singing your praises regarding this project - for all the reasons she stated too. Well done!

  7. Congratulations on 200, Amy! Quite an accomplishment!

  8. Thank you dear friends, Mary Lee, Stacey, and Deborah! I am happy and so lucky to know you! A.

  9. So excited to see you doing free verse on here, I'm also a big fan of meter and rhyme, and this year I've not been allowed to write in anything but free verse! It took some getting used to, but now I kind of love it. I've started posting some of my own work on my blog,, if you wanted to take a look. I only started doing so this week, but I plan on getting some more up there, though not every day like you haha. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week. Love you!

  10. Emily! I will go and check those out! It makes me very very happy to know that we are both living in the land of free verse... We miss you and hope to have a big KremperWater get together over the holidays! A.