Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Read Seasons in Sunflowers...Poem #210

Photo by Amy LV

Photo by Amy LV

Driving around a couple of days ago, I saw this drooping sunflower.  I felt sad when I remembered its glory just two months before.  Then I felt happy, thinking about ten months from now, when all of its sunflower babies will be standing tall, some nearby and some far away.

Students - This poem is simply a description, a word picture, of one sunflower at two times in its life.  You probably noticed that this poem is divided into two stanzas, and each one takes place during a different month. In this poem, I wished to snap a wordshot of how a sunflower's head position changes over time.

Something about words here too: while this poem does not rhyme at the ends of its lines, you will hear that the first stanza rhymes some internal vowels: gazes, straight, and face.  In the second stanza, you hear more repetition of sounds: seeds, deeply, and weep.

A writer thinks much like being a scientist.  Look closely.  Quiet down.  Observe.  Today on the playground or later at home, stare at things.  Let one image capture you like a prisoner, and do not look away.  If you are reading this in writing workshop now, walk over to the window or take a walk outside.  Be wowed by an image.  Then write your description, as finely and truly as you are able.

As always, I would love to read any student poems that grow from your visits here.  Teachers, please leave a note in the comments if you are willing to share student work on a Poetry Peek Friday!

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  1. "...as seeds deeply weep into earth."
    Brilliant image!

  2. As a wanna-be poet, I'll be following your blog. As a homeschooling mother, I'll be gleaning ideas to share with my children. I'd love to see my eldest daughter, my writer girl, see poems out the window.


  3. Love the photographs!! I also love that it was the images that inspired your poem and that you shared them with us!! I noticed some sunflowers just last week and felt exactly what you did!
    Suzy(Ile Bizard)

  4. Charles, Thank you, friend. A.
    Monica, Oh, I hope you will join our Poetry Friday community....so many of us join and share everything-poetry each Friday. If you check my left column, you can see the roundup. We welcome you! When I learned about poems hiding everywhere, my life changed forever! A.
    Suzy, We must be kindred spirits! I just want to hug those droopy sunflowers. Happy fall! A.