Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am Thinking about King Tut - Poem #245

Students - Yesterday I wanted to write a nonfiction poem.  So I went into our downstairs bathroom and lugged all of the old NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazines to the kitchen table.  What topic to choose?  King Tutankhamun stared out from the cover of September 2010, and I really had no choice but to write about him.  

I read this article about a recent DNA study of King Tut and his family, noting interesting facts in my notebook.  Doing so, I was struck by the contrast between Tut's glorious death trappings and his somewhat compromised health and early death.  This interested me and got today's poem rolling.  The photographs in this article are a bit creepy, but pretty fascinating too.  I do not want people to dig me up and study me after I'm gone...you hear that?

Two nights ago, our daughter Hope showed us some of her artwork, and her drawing of an Egyptian mummy stared out at me then too, almost begging to be written.  It was meant to be.

To revise this poem, I kept looking back at the articles for strong words.  For example, I changed "needed a walking stick" to "limped with a walking stick" because the word limped felt stronger than the word needed.

I need a little challenge.  So here it is - this will be my first week of nonfiction poems.  I will do a bit of research for each poem, and I'll share a nonfiction link with you if possible.

You can try this too...  Choose something you are studying in school or a nonfiction book you are reading on your own.  List interesting facts about this topic. Bend and twist them into a poem, remembering that you can take any form: mask, non-rhyming, list, story...  Play!

Teachers and Parents - last Poetry Friday was so close to Thanksgiving that I do not want you to miss teacher Amy Merrill's guest visit in which she shares her "Poetry Breaks" and also the importance of nursery rhymes.  Thank you again to Amy!

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  1. Cool challenge! Can't wait to read the results!

  2. It's really a challenge for me...and that's why it's good. I'm thinking about talking with students about this idea - try something you're not naturally into. Who knows? You might be into it after all! A.

  3. Sorry to add my cheer at the end of nonfiction week and not the beginning. But I love the sense of unlived life amid the gold here. And hope you stroll through more National Geographics for inspiration. Nonfiction poetry week --#2?

  4. Thank you, Jeannine. King Tut really bummed me out, as you could see. Poor guy. And so much darn gold. I took your advice tonight. Thank you! A.