Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Wood Stacking Time! - Poem #229

View of Our Porch
Photo by Amy LV

Some chores are more rewarding than others.  Stacking wood is great.  It's an outside chore, and this makes it lovely.  Too, wood is beautiful to touch and makes a pretty sound when it clanks against other logs. When you stack wood, you can see your progress and imagine the snuggly winter days ahead, your warm feet held up to a bright wood fire.

This poem is another concrete poem, though it didn't plan to be one when I began writing.  Once it was finished, that little concrete poem song rose in my mind, This is a concrete poem!  Move the lines around!  So I did.  Can you figure out how to read it?  (Hint - how do you stack wood?)

Students - we all have things we must do, and today's poem grew from an autumn chore around our home.  Homework, chores, pet care...all of these are necessities.  Perhaps you have a chore or responsibility which might get you going on a poem.  Think about Shel Silverstein's "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout" - that poem came from a chore too!

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  1. My poem this weekend would have been about moving iris and cleaning the tomato beds!

  2. Wow - what fun to read from the bottom up! Before I read your hint, I tried a couple of other ways of reading it. Then the aha! moment as it built so naturally.