Monday, November 1, 2010

Lift Souls on the Day of the Dead! - #216

Spencerport Cemetery
Photo by Amy LV

Marilla Cemetery
Photo by Amy LV

 Spencerport Cemetery
Photo by Amy LV

In Mexico, Day of the Dead continues through November 2, a time when people remember and seek to encourage visits from the souls of the departed.  This is a day of glorious reunions, sugar skulls, and altars.

Students - there are times when words spoken to you stay forever.  We don't know how, and sometimes there is no apparent reason why, but some words stay.  For me, hearing that "We die twice" stayed.  I heard that phrase a long time ago, so long ago that I cannot even remember where.  But just the other day, thinking about walking through churchyards, I imagined keeping body-dead people alive a bit longer.  So I really did walk through two cemeteries this week, touching the cold marble rectangles, speaking names, and imagining I could prolong these "second deaths".

What stays with you?  You may not think of something this minute, but listen to yourself.  Listen to those words that just pop up from time to time or the voices or advice that you cannot shake.  Such words may be saying, "I want you to write about me!"

Today is a good day to remember those we have all lost, to ask them to remember us, to speak their names once more.

It is the first day of National Novel Writing Month, with information about the Young Writers Program here.   Also, if you live in WNY, the fabulous Rochester Children's Book Festival is this coming Saturday, November 6.  This family-friendly, free event is a don't-miss, full of author talks, opportunities to have books signed, illustrator demonstrations, and more.  (Thank you to Melinda Harvey for reminding me to post such a wonderful happening!)

 Marilla Cemetery
Photo by Amy LV

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Lori Faas said...

Amy....I have always felt a great sadness whenever I walk through or drive past a cemetery. I always think about all the loss that exists there. Since my grandmother died a couple of years ago, I wish so very much that she was buried here where I could go visit her instead of in Delaware where I may never travel to again. Somehow I thin that touching her stone would make me feel closer. Instead I talk to her picture that I have on my fridge. Hopefully that is enough to wake her soul today! I miss her...she told the best dirty jokes EVER....thanks, as always, for the thought-provoking poem...sorry for the level 3-4 response... :)

Lizzy said...

Dear Amy,
I love this. I can just imagine the care you showed as you walked through the cemetery and honored these souls with your intent, your touch, and your voice. Beautiful. It echoed.

Thank you for sharing this!

Amy LV said...

Lori, I hear what you are saying about talking to your grandma's picture...we keep our loved ones alive when we talk to and about them. And the stories we tell our children about them keep them alive so much longer...I am smiling thinking about your grandma telling dirty jokes! A.
Lizzy, Cemeteries have always haunted me...even when I was a teenager, I loved walking through them, grateful to be alive. Miss you. A.