Sunday, November 28, 2010

Watching Out the Window - Poem #243

 Our Seed Buffet
by Amy LV

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to watch the birds flying back and forth from our feeder and time to name the ones we see!  One of my favorite parts of watching birds is watching our cats watch birds.  Yesterday, one-eyed Mini sat atop the couch back, staring at the birds but one foot (and a pane of glass) away.  We call it "Cat TV".

Students - yesterday was one of those "watching-out-the-window-to-find-an-idea" days.  Try it!  Find a good window and stare for a while.  Let your mind roll around the buildings, the fields, the skyscrapers, the animals...whatever you see, inhabit it.

And here's a general tip: your writing will be more interesting if you get yourself out there doing things.  Take a nonfiction book out of the library and learn about a new place!  Plant pumpkin seeds in a cup!  Have a staring contest with your cat!  Build something neat from a shoebox and a bunch of junk!  Hang a bird feeder outside of your my husband Mark did for us.

If someone you love doesn't have a good field guide...consider giving one as a gift.  This is the one for our area, the one we leave lying all around our home.

Or how about a beautiful book of bird poetry, on last year's 2009 NCTE Poetry Notable List?

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  1. Lovely to see all the names of the know what i get in my birdfeeder? Squirrels and chipmunks!

  2. Oh, Lori! I wish I could send you some birdies! A.