Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magnets Pull Us In - Poem #247

by Amy LV

Today is day #3 of Nonfiction Week during which each poem will have a nonfiction focus.  This poem grew from me leafing through THE NEW CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, a resource chock-full of so many facts it could make your head spin. This book is also full of photographs, time lines, sketches, and a little bit about a lot. The idea of magnets, um, attracted me, especially because we use the phrase "opposites attract" about people too.

Students - try this.  Think of a science fact you have studied on your own or in school that just knocks your socks off.  Then follow the wonderings, fascinations, connections on a piece of paper.  I think magnets are neat, especially after I learned that you can crumble up an iron-rich cereal such as Total and attract the tiny bits of iron with magnets.  Who knew?  Just thinking of an amazing fact might spark-start a poem or a writing piece. 

Speaking of magnets, here is the magnetic toy I wish to own.  It's not recommended for children under fourteen, but looks like fun.

Tomorrow is Poetry Friday!  Should the weather hold and our internet stay up (we may receive over a foot of snow), I will share some favorite 2010 poetry books as selected by the NCTE Poetry Notable Committee.

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