Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nests Nestle in Winter Trees in Poem #275

Shrub Nest
Photo by Amy LV

High Nest in Tree
Photo by Amy LV

Large Mystery Nest
Photo by Amy LV

Students - two days after Christmas, I received an e-mail from my Oregonian friend Rachel Sudul (to whom I dedicated "Jewels" in poem #112.)  She wrote, "In winter I like walking around and looking at the naked trees to see the bird nests."  These words stayed with me, and yesterday afternoon as I walked through our woods, I took special care to look for nests hidden in branches and snow.

Sometimes writing is like that.  You take hold of someone's words and they stay with you, simmering like a good soup.  When they've cooked long enough, these words  find their way into your writing.  This is why writers must listen carefully to family, friends, strangers...everyone!

Funny note: as soon as I came back inside from taking these nest photos yesterday, I returned to a fresh e-mail from Rachel.  Guess what she sent?  She sent a note saying, "I'm sending a picture of one of the naked trees a couple of houses away from me."  I found it so funny, such a coincidence that Rachel and I were outside, on different coasts, taking abandoned nest pictures at the same time!

Nest in a Naked Tree
Photo by Rachel Sudul

Tomorrow is the last Poetry Friday of 2010, and I will welcome fourth grade teacher Theresa Annello from the Gates Chili Central School District and her students as they share their poetry calendars.  A New Year's gift to all of us!  

Woolly Nest & New Tea Cozy
(Thank you, Aunt Pat!)
Photo by Amy LV

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  1. A chilly poem, but well spoken. Great pictures! :)

  2. Thank you, Matt. Welcome here! It was pretty chilly here on the day the camera and I went out nest-visiting...