Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Collaborative Poem - Please Join In!

Happy New Year!  Again!  This is not a numbered post, but rather a surprise, a collaboration, and an invitation.

One neat part of this holiday break was beginning a collaborative poem with Charles Ghigna, otherwise known as Father Goose.  A fan of his poetry, I often read and learn from Charles's poems over at his two blogs:  Father Goose and Bald Ego.  For the past couple of days, we have sent these lines back and forth, and now would like to open them up to you.  Please feel free to add, take out, or change lines of this poem if you wish.  It'll be fun to see what grows.

Please write your additions, subtractions, or changes in the comments below.  Should we have some takers, Charles and I will cycle back to put this poem together again and repost our community poem.

Students - please let us know if you try this.  Get with a friend and write a poem together.  It's more fun than I expected...especially if you are working with someone who is open and flexible.

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Lori Faas said...

One one one one
Resolutions to pursue
old year finished
another chance to start anew


Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) said...

Excellent addition, Lori!
Love the rhyme
Thank you!

Jenn said...

One one remembers one
A loved one
in times of fun

Amy LV said...

Oh yes! It's true...we are all remembering loved ones at this time. And making resolutions. I so like "one one remembers one" and how both of these look forward and back at the same time.
Thank you, Jenn!

Mike Artell's blog said...

Concatenated moments
Of when, or why, or how
Are either gone or not yet here.
The only "one" is Now.

Larry said...

One one one one
Just marks in time
Like ladder steps to climb
On the way to greater things
As the New Year rings
Or like lines plowed in time's shifting sand
Marking goals met as planned 
Mapped out worked out and won 

Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) said...

Thanks, Mike and Larry,
for your clever, original additions!
This may be the world's first poem
to contain the word "concatenated." ;-)

Melissa Wiley said...

I'm still playing with mine but I'm a tweak-forever poet and it could be 2012 before I'm satisfied. :) Here's the so-far:


one wonder after another---
one wonders, after
another and yet another
quiet, quite commonplace
the lit smile, the poured sky,
the breached seed, the strung word---
how one more wonder may be born
but look, there's another
just beyond the next breath


(I keep thinking there ought to be something I could do with born/borne, but it hasn't taken shape yet.)

Miracle on its own line, or following commonplace, what do you think?

Melissa Wiley said...

Hmm, maybe there wants to be a repetition of "yet another" in the second-to-last line, something with "and yet--another," using "yet" differently.

Will keep tweaking! :)

Amy LV said...

Oooh, this is beautiful, Melissa. Please keep on sending - your words are like windchimes!
I love how this is growing...