Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do Your Socks Get Lost? Or Not? #301

Here, Sockie!
by Amy LV

Well, you THOUGHT they were lost.  But maybe not.  This is poem #3 in the write-about-a topic-in-many-ways-challenge, posed by fifth grade teacher Jamie Palmer to her students at Klem South Elementary in Webster, NY.  I have very much enjoyed reading their kidblogs, and hope that you will soon have the opportunity to read them too.

Students - this poem brings up the question, "Are things really as they seem?"  I had a good time imagining that socks aren't really lost but rather, just playing a (one sided) game with us each morning.  What about your topic?  Is there another way to look at it?  Go ahead.  Hold it up to the light and twist it around in a sunbeam.  I'm sure you'll find another way to see it.

This is a mask poem, or a poem written in the voice of something else.  I love writing poems that allow me to pretend I'm a raisin or an airplane or a's like dress up time!

So far we have an enrichment class in Caledonia Mumford, NY and homeschoolers Nathaniel and Jessica joining us in the challenge.  You can read Nathaniel and Jessica's poems here.

It's never too late to be a part of this journey.  Just leave a comment, and let us know.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I teach 5th grade in Webster and am best of friends with Jamie Palmer. We have talked about this and how I need to get my kids going. That is awesome that you went to her room! I have my kids set up on the kidblogs and will pose the challenge to them soon. They are on your site daily and we always look forward to reading your daily poem. Thank you for sharing! -Lydia Juskiw

  2. Our homeschooling pair have made their Wednesday contributions. Thanks again—we're enjoying this. I'll try to get the kids to kick some feedback to you as well.

  3. Lydia, Jamie TOLD me about you! I look forward to seeing your students' poems and hearing how it goes. Have fun with it...Jamie's students have truly taken off with some really interesting work. It's great to meet you. A.
    Michael, I thought today's offerings were great! I can't wait to read tomorrow's work. These would be great submitted somewhere. Check out my right hand sidebar for some ideas. A.