Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Dear Henry! #286

Today is the ninth birthday of our dear Henry.

Henry - Building in 2004

Henry - Swashbuckling in 2006

Henry - Riding in 2008

Henry - Picking in 2010

Our youngest child, Henry, is full of verbs.  He juggles, drums, reads, falls on purpose, builds, writes, draws, super-hugs, and climbs.  He thinks, sings, jumps, spies, creates, tricks, and snuggles.  He chops wood, skiis, questions, catches, listens, works, and experiments.

Year-by-year, we have watched Henry grow stronger and wiser, funnier and kinder.  And today, the gift is ours.  Another moment, another day, another year with our boy who loves to get dirty and loves just as much to dress up in a shirt and tie.

Happy birthday to you, darling Henry.  We love you more than words or poems or pictures can say!

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  1. So much love in this poem! Lucky, lucky Henry to have a poet-mom who can name the world for him. (both meanings of "for")

  2. Amy.....beautiful poem. I think that I will write a poem for my family and friends for their birthdays this year. What a beautiful gift. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all.

  3. Beautiful poem for a beautiful boy.
    Enjoy his special day with him!

  4. That was beautiful. My oldest is turning 9 next month and isn't it amazing how fast time flies?? Lovely blog, BTW.

  5. I love the poem, what a gift for your Henry! I wish him a happy birthday!!!

  6. Toby, Mary Lee, Lori, Kelley, and Lindsay, Thank you for your kind words on this special day for us! Henry was touched that people he doesn't even know were reading about his birthday. A.