Saturday, January 15, 2011

Poem #291 - My dad works in a coal mine...

Students - I wrote this poem out loud, vocally.  Driving home from school yesterday, I flicked on the radio and heard the words, "...coal miners..."  I do not even know what the rest of the sentence said.  But instantly, I flicked off the radio and began writing in the air with my voice.  Somehow I knew what to write about.  

I repeated each line over and over again, playing with sounds and meters until I finally found a place to stop my car - a tiny post office.  And in its darkened parking lot, I sat and jotted these lines into my notebook.

Stories about trapped coal miners haunt me, and I sometimes think about the bravery of people who work in physically dangerous professions.  Yesterday I wondered, "What might the child of a coal miner think when kissing Daddy goodbye?"  

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