Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry Friday, Books, Socks, & #303

So Many Lives
Photo by Amy LV

This is poem #4 in my series of poems about books and reading and words.  My weekly ritual of writing about the same topic on a special day has been nourishing and a good stretch too.

Today's second poem is #5 in sock week, a challenge inspired by fifth grade teacher Jamie Palmer's class's project in Webster, NY. For each day of this week, several of Jamie's students are writing a new poem every day and posting them on their kidblogs.  Each has chosen one subject and continues to explore that subject on the seven days of this challenge.  With topics ranging from balloons to dogs to the ocean and lacrosse, they are creating all kinds of individual poetry collections.

I, too, am in on this project along with homeschoolers Nathaniel and Jessica from New Hampshire.  Nathaniel is writing about hermit crabs, and Jessica is writing about fireworks.  Poetry Friday is a perfect day to hop over to Family School and compliment them on their growing collection of poems.

 Draft of "Secret"
by Amy LV

Students - I wrote this poem because my daughters often wear mismatched socks.  I enjoy seeing their checked and striped feet sticking out from the ends of their pants, and it makes me happy to know that they feel free from having to look like everyone else.  Yesterday as I wrote, I imagined a girl who felt trapped by having to look popular and perfect, expensive and cool.  I imagined that this girl might rebel in a small way by wearing crazy combinations of socks.  For even when we feel trapped, we can find ways to preserve ourselves.

Did you notice that these two poems have quite a similar rhythm?

This week's Poetry Friday roundup is over at Elaine's Wild Rose Reader.  If you linger there, you will be treated to all sorts of poems, book recommendations, and poem-thoughts from Elaine.

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  1. I love the sock poem. My daughter always wears odd socks with her school uniform.

  2. Great sock poem. Mismatched socks are the perfect fashion rebellion!

  3. "snoof" is another sound that ought to be a word, Toby.

    I often wear mismatched socks. My dog loves to eat socks. Not the whole sock, mind, he just takes a neat, semi-circular bite. I have no idea how he manages to be so tidy while destructive.

    Sock are the site of many small rebellions. Think of the blue-stockings...

  4. A double life with mismatched socks - love the idea! Also, thank you for the link to the kids poems - I'm heading over to check them out.

  5. Oh, I wish I could just look at all of your feet right now. I have this sneaking feeling that many of you are mismatched-sock-wearers. Thank you for visiting today. A.

  6. Thank you, books, for all those double lives through the years! Thank you, Amy LV for the poem!

    (Did you always have that tag line under your blog title, or did I just notice it? Love the "tends"!!)