Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rams in Snow & Rams for Sale! - #293

Rams Wait for Manicures
Photo by Amy LV

Mark Trims ReRa's Hooves
Photo by Amy LV

ReRa's Apple Branch
Photo by Amy LV

It is so cute to watch our sheep walk in snow.  They walk single file...all in a row...making skinny little paths.  Way in the background, you can see a bit of one such path in the above photo of waiting rams.   We have been known to get out there and stamp down a few extra paths, just to make their lives easier.

Today was "hoof trimming day." Flipping each ram on his back, Mark clipped twenty-four ram hooves.  Clip...clip...clip!  Above you can see ReRa with a branch from the apple tree.  Sawing the branch, Mark said, "It's just like getting a lollipop after a haircut!"

We have three Icelandic Sheep for sale right now.  If you are interested in purchasing Icelandic Sheep, please check out our sheep pictures here.

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