Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sky Dances Through it All in Poem #284

View From My Car Window
Photo by Amy LV

Students - when life is sad and difficult, and it will be for all of us at times, I take comfort in knowing that nature carries on.  The creek still bubbles with salamanders waiting for spring, the deer sleep in snow, and birds will come home again.  Wendell Berry's poem, "The Peace of Wild Things" says this best.

Poetry, too, can soothe and hold us when we're unsure.  Poems have been there for me, and I hope poems will be there for you too.  Now and throughout your life.

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  1. Peace be with you.

    Love the "silken cobalt skirts" !!!

  2. Thank you, Mary Lee. Know that I'm aok, was just feeling melancholy about a few things. A.

  3. Very nice poem about the sky which was silently calming yesterday. Don't know if that's when you took this photo, but it looked similar. I too loved the swish of the colbalt skirts.Nice.

  4. How beautifully evocative of the sky as it drifts from blue to black as night approaches! It does, indeed, dance above us through good times and bad. Your photography and your poetry are both lovely.

    Thank you for leading me to your delightful blog!

    elizabethanne of elizabethannewrites

  5. I think this poem was written for my family and I, without you even knowing us! The summer of 2009 was gorgeous, cloudy skies, stormy clouds, colorful sunsets all summer long, and on the day my mother passed away, in early July, we all noticed the sky in particular on our ride home from the hospital. Later that evening there was the most amazing rainbow.... The sky is forever changing and ever present in our lives each day. The sky can really speak to us...Thank you for writing this poem.

  6. Thank you, friends, for enjoying this. Toby Speed's skies last summer over at The Writer's Armchair blog inspired me...she took a photo of a sky each day!
    Becky - It touches me deeply that you were moved by this poem. That's all a writer asks for. A.

  7. Amy I should tell you that you have also inspired a blog of mine that I'm not sure you have seen,
    You have really inspired me to reflect and delve...

  8. I feel as this is a very exspacnel poem and the wording is amazane plz keep making more