Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sock Dreams in #305 - End of Sock Week

Sock Dreams
by Amy LV

This is the final poem of sock week, a challenge inspired by Jamie Palmer's fifth grade students to write about socks each day for seven days.  We had talked about how one can write about anything for many days, even toilet paper.  (Thank you, Rachel, for this funny link!)

Students - I've honestly been looking forward to writing this poem all week.  As you may have noticed, I love writing mask poems, poems in the voice of something else.  What could be better for a sock than to come alive as a puppet?  We all have dreams...and being our best selves each day...makes those dreams come true.

Teachers - part of the fun of this week has been reading Jamie's students' poems.  I encourage you and your students to visit their kidblogs to see how these young writers have approached one topic in a variety of ways, explaining their decisions and new learnings below each poem.  Some are even challenging each other to try various approaches.  Students are commenting, teachers are commenting, parents are commenting - it's delightful!  Too, don't forget to read Jessica and Nathaniel's growing collection of one-topic poems at FamilySchool.  

This will be my last post about write-about-one-topic-week until Jamie Palmer and her students visit us formally for a Poetry Peek in the near future.

Did you try this challenge?  If so, please leave a comment to let us all know.

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  1. Thank you for writing these wonderful poems.

    I like how you put parts of the body, like eyes and mouth and hand in your poem. I like how you rhyme every other line in your poem. I might try to rhyme my poem like you did.


  2. "Here in this shoe I stay." So funny and so sad - I love it.

  3. Your poems are wonderful! I see you have a book due out soon too and the illustrator is such a gifted one - many congratulations.

  4. Tee-hee!! Poor benighted sock...