Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Yawn Travels Through Time in #295

 One Yawn's Journey
by Amy LV

Students - yesterday afternoon, when I sat down to write this poem, I did not have a writing idea stirring around in my mind.  This happens to all writers at times, and what helps me is to simply write through it.  I write many thoughts down and then just follow the one that seems interesting.

Often, writers begin scribbling along and then we ask ourselves questions, What if...? or Why....?  or How did...?  If you allow questioning to become a part of your everyday thinking, you will find that rooms and mansions of writing ideas plop themselves right into your lap!

Yawns are the ultimate in recycling.  Think about it.  Passed from person to person, never thrown away, yawns are something people and animals all share and reuse.  If you have ever wondered why we yawn, you can learn the science of yawns at KidsHealth.

Did reading this post make YOU yawn?

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  1. Amy,
    This is such a super clever poem! We are always catching yawns from each other and to imagine it all started with a caveman is just too funny!

  2. I'm crazy about this poem. It is the absolute truth about yawns. I meant to say this yesterday, but the world intervened. Busy, busy world.

  3. The poem didn't make me yawn (not yet anyway), but it reminded me that my favorite bedtime books for young kids are ones where yawning is involved. You yawn in the reading, and next you're yawning for real, and next the kid who wasn't at all sleepy is yawning like crazy.

    Okay, now I feel like I may have to yawn.

  4. How come babies are immune to their parent's yawns?